Sunday, 1 June 2014

Thinking about Space,
The necessary element that makes the ‘other’ visible.

Our book collection seems to constantly be growing with art books, poetry, science, sociology, psychology and 'how to' books hogging the majority of the shelf real estate. I like used book stores, and try to visit them when on travels, especially abroad. You never know what will present itself in a dusty, almost universally poorly lit, spot!  I delight in finding the older books, including outdated elementary school textbooks.  They are written in a plain, uncomplicated manner, offering a comprehensive yet simple overview of their topic in an engaging conversational way.  

Mathematics, by The Golden Library of Knowledge, published 1958, begins with the sentence, “Mathematics is the science in which we think carefully about numbers and space.” In another that I cannot find right now, “Mathematics is about one and zero.”  I love it! As far as I can remember, no math teacher every pointed out to me that it requires a zero to define the one, a space to create separate and distinct units.  In Music, space divides sound into separate notes which can be used to create rhythm and pattern.  For dancers space is the expanse which allows movement. It may seem obvious that Visual Art needs space as well, but I find often in pursuit of creating the subject, I can forget about the important element of space.

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  1. Hi Nicoletta, I just thought it necessary to let you know how highly I regard your work. It is by far some of the best work that I have seen.The values, colour composition and handling are magnificent. Your intellect and artistic heritage are evident in what you do.