Sunday, 20 March 2016

Other than a few watercolours over the years, I am tackling landscapes for the first time.  It's rather ironic that it has taken me this long, as I love the outdoors to the point where I would rather be outside than inside.  After a few small sketches, I set about to paint a larger one.  Here is the newest, largest one.  I'll also post a few few of the small ( 5x7") sketches so you can get an idea of my progress.  These are all paintings of the marsh and shoreline that surrounds our bay.  In winter, I love the wild tangle of grasses, brambles and branches that all writhe together heading upward into winter washed skies.

"Blackie Spit"  Oil on  Canvas         18"x 24"


Sketches:  5" x 7" oil on board