Sunday, 20 March 2016

Other than a few watercolours over the years, I am tackling landscapes for the first time.  It's rather ironic that it has taken me this long, as I love the outdoors to the point where I would rather be outside than inside.  After a few small sketches, I set about to paint a larger one.  Here is the newest, largest one.  I'll also post a few few of the small ( 5x7") sketches so you can get an idea of my progress.  These are all paintings of the marsh and shoreline that surrounds our bay.  In winter, I love the wild tangle of grasses, brambles and branches that all writhe together heading upward into winter washed skies.

"Blackie Spit"  Oil on  Canvas         18"x 24"


Sketches:  5" x 7" oil on board                                                           


  1. These are all absolutely wonderful! How beautifully you've captured light. Obviously, you have found a new subject. Both the small sketches and the larger piece are so accomplished. Look forward to what you're up to next. Well done, Nicoletta! Cheers.

  2. They are stunning! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)