Monday, 21 July 2014

Thinking about Space,  the‘nothings’ that make ‘ somethings’ more interesting
Reflecting on the disciplines of math, music and dance, I find there 
are many tools with which to consider and analyze the use of space 
in visual art.  From math the concept that the element ‘one’ is defined 
by the space, or ‘zero’ seems simple but is often overlooked. 

When one paints an object in a field, the field is just as important as 
the object. The one, defines the other, quite literally.  For example a 
tree placed on the left of the composition will project differently than 
one in the middle, top, bottom or right hand side. Playing with the 
relationship between the object and the field (space) is one of the most 
rewarding and simplest ways of enhancing a composition. 

Attention to the repetition and grouping of units and space is very useful in 
creating interest and unity. Two, four, six as compared to three, six, 
nine for  a simple example.   I can also think of scale which is easily
expressed in mathematics as a useful tool in painting composition. 
How different the reading of the same image, tree, if it takes up ten 
percent of the field, versus ninety-five percent! Quite simply paying
attention to the ‘nothing’ element, space – creates more interest in 
the ‘something’ subject!

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